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The Situationist International (1957-1972) has had a very productive after-life. This annotated bibliography contains over 600 references that chart its rise to fame from obscurity to celebrity. More than a bibliography it is the most substantial reference book yet produced on the group. It also provides a gateway to the related worlds of underground publishing, anarchism, and the contemporary avant-garde. (Each reference is annotated with a short description and a relevant extract. With its extensive index the bibliography provides countless new ways of examining and comprehending one of this century´s most misunderstood avent-garde groups.)

150 p. | ISBN: 978-1-873176-82-5 | 12,00 € | AK Press

<![CDATA[Neoism, Plagiarism &amp; Praxis - Steward Home]]>

This book is concerned with that´s been happening at the cutting edge of culture since the demise of Fluxus and the Situationists. Its provides inside information on the Neoists, Plagiarists, Art Strikers, London Psychogeographical Association, K Foundation and other groups that are even more obscure. Rather than offering a continuous narrative, the text is made up of articles, manifestos, lectures and essays.

208 p. | ISBN: 978-1-873176-33-7 | 18,00 € | AK Press

<![CDATA[Nestor Makhno - Anarchy´s Cossack, The Struggle for Free Soviets in the Ukraine 1917-1921 - Alexandre Skirda]]>

The phenomenal life of Ukrainian peasant Nestor Makhno (1888-19349 provides the framework for this breakneck account of the downfall of the tsarist empire and the civil war that convulsed and bloodied Russia between 1917 an 1921. As in the days of history´s great chivalric tales, crucial 20th century clashes were fought through stunning cavalry charges and bitter hand-to-hand, saber-wielding combat. Combatants were drawn from several camps: Budyenny´s Red cavalry, the Don Cossacks and Kuban Cossacks (allied with the Whites), Ukrainian nationalists and Makhnovist partisans. Makhno, a formidable strategist characterized by exceptional daring, headed an army of anarchist insurgents - a popular peasant movement which bore his name.

Historian and translator Alexandre Skirda is a specialist in the Russian revolutionary movement.

415 p. | ISBN: 978-1-902593-68-5 | 21,00 € | AK Press

<![CDATA[Workers Councils - Anton Pannekoek]]>

What the working class strives for in its struggle, liberty and security, to be master of its own life, its only possible through control of the means of production. State socialism is not control of the means of production by the workers, but control by the organs of the state. If its democratic at the same time, this means that workers themselves may select their masters. By contrast direct control of production by workers means that the employees direct the enterprises and construct the higher and central organizations from below. This is what is called the system of worker´ council.- Pannekoek 1952

Anton Pannekoek was the main theoretician of Left Communism.

219 p. | ISBN: 978-1-902593-56-2 | 15,00 € | AK Press

<![CDATA[Red London, Mob violence, mob vengeance, mob rule! - Steward Home]]>

Fellatio Jones and his crew shoot, shag, stab, bludgeon and plunder their way from the mean streets of Mile End to aristocratic Belgravia. The Skinhead Squad are a new breed of malcontent. Their brand of mayhem has an ideological twist and the gang targets its violence to deadly effect. As class anger explodes from the rotting heard of the inner city, corpse is piled upon corpse and the roads run red with blood. "Red London" is an authortative novel of sex, violence and pathological sadism that wells over into total mania as the plot races towards its cataclysmic conclusion. Read this book and discover why the wealthy want it banned.

160 p. | ISBN: 978-1-873176-12-0 | 12,00 € | AK Press

<![CDATA[I couldn´t paint Golden Angels, Sixty years of commonplace life and anarchist agitation - Albert Meltzer]]>

Albert Meltzer (1920-whenever) has been involved actively in class struggles since the age of 15; exceptionally for the generation in having been a convinced Anarchist from the start, without any family background in such activity. "I couldn´t paint Golden Angels" is a lively, witty account of what he claims would have been the commonplace life of a worker but the fact that he spent sixty years in anarchist activism. As a result it is a unique recounting of many struggles otherwise distorted or unrecorded, including the history of the contemporary development of anarchism in Britain and other countries where he was involved, notably Spain.

386 p. | ISBN: 978-1-873176-93-1 | 20,00 € | AK Press

<![CDATA[On the Justice of Roosting Chickens - Ward Churchill]]>

The record speaks for itself: The "Most Peace-Loving Nations" has engaged in brutel military campaigns in every corner of the globe, unceasingly, since its inception. In attempting to forever alter Americans´ false self-concept, Ward Churchill has meticulously chronicled both U.S. military campaigns - domestic and foreign - 1776 present and U.S. attempts to violate, obstruct and/or subvert International Law from 1945-Present.The two chronologies, exhaustively researched and annotated, illustrate a heartwrenching history of senceless butchery and democracy deterred. In this context, the only fitting question for a nation still reeling from the wake-up call of September 11th is, "How can they not hate us?". In the newest offering, Churchill demands that the American public shake off its collective unconscious and take responsibility for the criminality carried out in its name.

Ward Churchill (Keetoowah Cherokee) is professor of American Indian Studies and chair of the Department of Ethnic Studies at the University of Colorado/Boulder. A member of the leadership council of Colorado AIM (American Indian Movement), he is a past national spokesperson for the Leonard Peltier Defense Commitee. A prolific writer and lecturer, he has authored, co authored or edited more than 20 books.

310 p. | ISBN: 978-1-902593-79-0 | 13,00 € | AK Press

<![CDATA[Language and Politics - Noam Chomsky]]>

An enormous chronological collection of over fifty interviews conducted with Noam Chomsky beginning with his 1968 discussion of the U.S. war on Vietnam and ending soon after the appearance of his best-selling book, 9-11, and the start of America´s "War on Terror". The interviews add a personal dimension to the full breadth of Chomsky´s impressive written canon-equally covering his analysis in linguistics, philosophy, and politics. The discussions of the ideas and conclusions of Plato, Galileo, Descartes, Marx, Rocker, Freud, Skinner and Keynes, among others, are belanced with insightful principled critiques of the small cadre of international madmen who attempt to wrestle freedom and power away from us. This updated, annotated, fully indexed new edition contains an extensive bibliography, as well as notes to each interview and an introduction on the relationship between Chomsky´s thought and action by editor C.P. Otero. Many of the pieces have never appeared in any other collection, some have never appeared in English, and more than one has been surpressed.

Noam Chomsky is a renowned scholar, founder of the modern science of linguistics, political and social analyst, media critic, tireless lecturer and author of more than 90 books.

802 p. | ISBN: 978-1-902593-82-0 | 29,00 € | AK Press

<![CDATA[Radical Priorities - Noam Chomsky]]>

In Radical Priorities, C.P. Otero sets out to "provide relatively easy access to Chomsky´s libertarian philosophy and political analysis". Taken from a wide variety of sources, many never widely published - some never in a book at all - and spanning four decades, the reader is furnished with a truly comprehensive window into Chomsky´s anarchist convictions (convictions which, while ever-present in his analysis, are left largely misunderstood or worse, ignored). In seeking to combat the great challenges facing humanity, Chomsky´s analysis and the traditions on which his work draws should not be left in obscurity.

Noam Chomsky is a renowned scholar, founder of the modern science of linguistics, political and social analyst, media critic, tireless lecturer and author of more than 90 books.

338 p. | ISBN: 978-1-902593-69-2 | 20,00 € | AK Press

<![CDATA[The London Years - Rudolf Rocker]]>

"The London Years" is the autobiography of a remarkable man and a window into a long-forgotten world. Rudolf Rocker was a German radical who became the leader of the Yiddish-speaking Jewish anarchists in London. He introduced this mass movement to world literature, organised demonstrations of up to 25,000 against the contemporary Russian progroms, edited Yiddish political and cultural journals and set up Jewish trade unions. Rocker was active at a time of mass immigration by impoverished Jews, who were persecuted by the right-wing press and an "anti-alien" movement which brought in the first immigration controls. Despite this difficult arena Rocker united the tailoring trades in a mass general strike which abolished the sweatshop system in the UK. His movement was brought to an end by Government action thad closed his journals and detained Rocker for years as an "enemy alien", "The London Years chronicles this vanished world.

228 p. | ISBN: 978-1-904859-22-2 | 20,00 € | AK Press

<![CDATA[Anarchism, Marxism, and the Future of the Left, Interviews and Essays, 1993 - 1998 - Murray Bookchin]]>

Murry Bookchin has been a dynamic revolutionary propagandist since the 1930s when, as a teenager, he orated before socialist crowds in New York City and engaged in support work for those fighting Franco in the Spanish Civil War. Now, for the first time in book form, this volume presents a series of exciting and engaging interviews with, and essays from the founder of Social Ecology. This expansive collection ranges over, amongst others, Bookchin´s account of the teenage years as a young Communist during the Great Depression; his experiences of the 1960s and reflections on that decade´s lessons; his vision of a libertarian communist society; libertarian politics; the future of anarchism and the unity of theory and practice. He goes on to assess the crisis of radicalism today and defends the need for a revolutioanry Left. Finally he states what is to be valued in both anarchism and Marxism in building such a Left, and offers guidelines for forming a new revolutionary social movement.

352 p. | ISBN: 978-1-873176-35-1 | 21,00 € | AK Press

<![CDATA[Obsolete Communism, The Left-Wing Alternative - Daniel and Gabriel Cohn-Bendit]]>

In May 1968 a student protest at Nanterre University spread to other universities, to Paris factories, and in a few weeks, across most of France. On May 13, a million Parisians marched in protest of the government´s brutality in the previous days´street fighting. Ten million workers went out on strike. At the center of the fray from the beginning was Daniel Cohn-Bendit, expelled from Nanterre for his agitation. Obsolete Communism was written in 5 weeks immediately after the French state regained control, and no account of the events of May ´68, or indeed of any rebellion, can match its immediacy or urgency, and no writer was in a better position than Daniel Cohn-Bendit to describe the dynamics of an emerging revolutionary movement. Daniel´s gripping version of the revolt is complemented by brother Gabriel´s biting criticism of the collaboration of the state, the trades union leadership and the French Communist Party in restoring order, defusing the revolutionary energy, and handing the occupied factories back over to their owners. Leninism and the unions come under fire as top-down bueraucracies whose need to manage and control are perpetually at odds with revolutionary action. At the time when tens of thousands of "leaderless" demonstrators are taking over the streets across the globe, this matchless account of one of the greatest of the leaderless revolts couldn´t be more timely.

240 p. | ISBN: 978-1-902593-25-1 | 17,00 € | AK Press

<![CDATA[The Ecology of Freedom, The emergence and dissolution of hierarchy - Murray Bookchin]]>

"The very notion of the domination of nature by man stems from the very real domination of human by human." With this succinct formulation, Murray Bookchin launches "The Ecology of Freedom", his most exciting and far-reaching work yet. This engaging and extremely readable book´s scope is downright breathtaking. Using an inspired synthesis of ecology, anthropology, philosophy and political theory, it traces our society´s conflicting legacies of freedom and domination, from the first emergence of human culture to today´s global capitalism. The theme of Bookchin´s grand historical narrative is straightforward: environmental, economic and political devastation are born at the moment that human societies begin to organize themselves hierarchically. And, despite the nuance and detail of his arguments, the lesson to be learned is just as basic: our nightmare will continue until hierarchy is dissolved and human beings develop more sane, sustainable and egalitarian social structures.

492 p. | ISBN: 978-1-9048589-26-0 | 24,00 € | AK Press

<![CDATA[Post-Scarcity Anarchism, Working Classics Series (3) - Murray Bookchin]]>

In a series of related essays, Murray Bookchin balances his ecological and anarchist vision with the promising opportunities of a "post-scarcity" era. Surpassing the constraints of Marxist political economy - which was rooted in an era of material scarcity and could not foresee the sweeping changes ahead - Bookchin argues the the tools necessary for the self-administration of a complex, industrial society have already been developed and have greatly altered our revolutionary landscape. Technological advances were made during the twenthies century which expanded production greatly, but in the pursuit of corporate profit and the expense oh human need, workers´ control an ecological sustainability. Through direct control of industry, and by incorporating an ecological and utopian vision for society, the working class can now dispel the myth that the state, hierachical social relations and political parties (vanguards) are necessary to their struggle for freedom. Bookchin´s analysis, rooted in the realities of contemporary society, remains refreshingly pragmatic. Perhaps his most influential collection of essays (including the legendary "Listen Marxist!" and "Ecology and Revolutionary Thought", this third edition contains a new preface from the author.

202 p. | ISBN: 978-1-904859-062 | 20,00 € | AK Press