An interesting and honest document of one female activist's experiences of using alcohol and giving up alcohol.

«Dear london, I recently gave up drinking and its made me think twice about our relationship. I used to think you were fun and interesting. Now, I can barely stand to be around you. You've got boring and rude, and your politics just aren't as sound as I thought they were. I'm writing to you now to try and explain why I might be seeming distant lately, or why I might be snappy and judgemental. I'm sure that a lot of the problem is mine, probably most of it, but I'm going to get it off my chest anyway and see if we can clear the air and get back to working together. I hope this letter doesn't upset you. I suppose its inevitable really, I've been quite honest and blunt but try and bear in mind that everything I say probably doesn't apply to all of london and I don't mean all of the time...»

CUERPOS SIN PATRONES - Laura Contreras y Nicolás Cuello
TU, CALLA! - Laura Huerga i Blanca Busquets
Sexualitat en Joc - Carlota Coll Gutièrrez | Laura Arcarons
Un siglo de movilización social en Marruecos - Laura Feliu, Josep Lluís Mateo y Ferran Izquierdo (eds.)
Llevadores casolanes del segle XX - Laura Núñez Galván
Vihdes - Arantxa Alías y Laura García
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